Plans bike way - by creating infrastructure that pleases you


Many cities recognize that mobility for biking and walking has a key role in keeping the city and its attractions accessible. They need more funding and attention and want to develop projects. But where and how to start? How can so many cities trying to implement bike lanes, bike lanes that are being utilized as parking garages, workshops or is not being used and cyclists still use the streets? And in relation to walkways: Why pedestrians continue to cross under the bridge?

IFluxo believes this is the result of misunderstanding the following schedule: identify "if it permits" instead of "if there is demand."

To avoid these misconceptions is recommended to define the basic requirements in the project. The requirements are dependent on the circumstances of the use and function of a project.

The five basic requirements for an infrastructure to include the use by cyclists and pedestrians are: Attractiveness, Network Integration, Linearity, Road Safety, Comfort.

What makes IFluxo

The IFluxo help develop these projects and define the scope, the current demand and future demand through the following steps:

  • The Network Planning cycling: a survey of the major needs and identification of sources and destinations, routes and potential danger spots.
  • The planning of interventions (Bike lanes, bike lanes, shared tracks, and intersections): When the client already has an idea about the origins and destinations and routes are and / or routes for pedestrians and local authorities to implement the same, but are unsure about how to deploy them on the situation, our knowledge and experience with plans and road circulation plans can solve the customer's desire.
  • Planning of bicycle
  • Support the capture of project funding.


  • Prevents infrastructure such as "white elephant" and wear the public.
  • Creates a lot of support among officials and residents
  • High Value Cost effective and speedy implementation: development of a serious planning early in the project results in a greatly reduced cost and runtime