Multi-Modal - Integrating transport modes


What is intermodal transport of passengers (multimodal passenger transport)?

There is much confusion and is usually defined as the chain of displacements in which the passenger uses more than one mode of transport to travel between origin and destination. Like all beginning and ending this going on foot, usually the combination of a mode and a shift on foot is not considered a multimodal trip. IFluxo add to this definition suggests that the trip is also multimodal if a passenger has to make a great effort in access to or egress from the main mode of transport.

IFluxo believes these efforts that the individual has to do to reach the main mode of transportation form a barrier and sometimes render an intermodal journey, pushing the person to the individual transport.These barriers may be physical barriers (hiking, climbing up and down stairs, walkways, lack of parking), but also cognitive barriers (waiting time, feelings of insecurity, social status).

IFluxo works to improve intermodal transport reducing the impact of these barriers through the following services:

Quickscan of the main barriers

  • Analysis and modeling of transport terminals accessibility of people and improving the flow of people
  • Point of access to public transportation: analysis and development of integration points with the Public Transport
  • Support the capture of project funding.