Project Engineering - Providing safety, comfort and usability


You know you walk? You can ride? Have you ever drawn a road and a street? So is it easy to draw up the detailed planning and design for basic infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists?

Already met many people who thought that. But it is important to note that the minimum requirements for the design bike way (and pedestrian infrastructure) depend on the physical and motor ability of the user, unlike the automobile. Therefore pedestrians and bicyclists are much more vulnerable to errors in planning and design of the building.

The smaller hole, less discomfort or feeling of insecurity is a disincentive or danger to the cyclist or pedestrian.

What makes IFluxo

  • The Comprehensive Planning: detailing the plans and projects and budget bike way these projects and interventions.
  • preparation of basic engineering projects: geometric earthworks, drainage, paving, lighting and signage
  • Elaboration and implementation of strategies for parking and bicycle racks.
  • Support the capture of project funding.


  • Infrastructure that is being utilized as designed: the smallest details
  • Customized solutions that are not in the manuals.
  • Increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians, and thus the quality of life in their neighborhood or city.