Universal Accessibility - Removing obstacles!


Accessibility is not just the possibility of entering into a particular place or vehicle, but the ability to move around the city, through the use of various existing means of transport, organized into a network of services, and all public spaces, independently.

We identified the following as a physical disability:

  • People with visual impairment and partial
  • People with hearing loss:
  • People with physical disabilities: About 5% of people with physical disabilities are wheelchair users. Moreover, there is a large group of elderly patients with physical problems
  • People with cognitive disabilities.

The application of the five basic requirements for an accessible infrastructure for use by cyclists and pedestrians - Attraction, Network Integration, Linearity, Road Safety, Comfort - also help evaluate and achieve universal access.

IFluxo does:

  • Evaluation of universal access;
  • Plans for universal accessibility
  • Support the capture of project funding.