Improving Quality in Public Transport


Public transport has to provide a quality service meeting the needs of its customers.

IFluxo develops and implements services that enable enterprises of public transport revolutionize your industry and provide a service for high quality experiences.

We do this by:

  • Change the way companies interact with customers and employees
  • Including real-time forecasts of operations and business planning;
  • Improve understanding of the needs and desires of the client
  • Reinventing and defining strategies, taking in consideration the client.

Our products and services consist of four pillars.

  • IFluxo Bus 2.0
  • IFluxo Monitor
  • IFluxo CRM
  • Market Analysis

This is a unique proposition that will revolutionize the world of buses, with the consumer as a customer.

The real customer needs are met. His behavior is measured and calculated. The brilliant about this proposal is that it goes to the core issue of the bus company, customers and operations, and demand planning.

Our solutions work independent of changes in infrastructure: they can coexist, but does not address the real purpose of public transport: the effective customer service.