IFluxo CRM - Know and understand your customer



You know what your current & future customers want? Who are your customers? Where they want to go? What service improvements I can make and how will I know if my customers like it?

CRM (English acronym for Customer Relationship Management or Management of Customer Relations is a set of tools that automate the functions of customer contact, help create and maintain a good relationship with customers by storing and interrelating intelligently information about their activities and interactions with the company

What can we do within the area of CRM:

  • Coordination of campaigns and marketing initiatives in Public Transportation;
  • Research and focus groups with customers to launch new services and identifying opportunities;
  • Identification of the key attributes of quality and targeting your customers by lifestyle and behavior;
  • Modeling the customer segments in Omnitrans to evaluate the effects of proposed interventions.
  • Deployment IFluxo our CRM system for management of Customer Relations.


  • Understanding your customers is the first step to prevent it from switching to other modes of transport.
  • Objective method, fast and simple: do not intend to make a psychological analysis of their clients but only to understand the travel habits;
  • Identification and evaluation of interventions with greater potential for profitability;
  • Valuable step in deploying a CRM system: a strong tool for implementing relationship marketing and to tailor the service to the desires of their customers.