IFluxo Monitor - Understanding data better


The situation: GPS systems, wireless communication such as GPRS and a variety of applications on the Internet and Information Technology and Communication has generated much data on the operation of public transport.But lack of utilization data to generate information about the operation and service delivery: the fleet is being utilized efficiently or not? The trip was good or not? What happened during the trip was normal or not? And how will the next few hours and what can I do?

What the IFluxo Monitor ETA does:

  • Statistical analysis results indicate changes in travel time, delays and performance
  • Forecasting travel time and demand from sophisticated algorithms for data processing and transform them into valuable information
  • Monitoring the operation and ticket sales, detection of abnormalities.
  • Presentation Platform Omnitrans providing easy GUI and understanding of developments and events.
  • Suggestions for improvements to routes, timetables and flow improvements at intersections to ensure the reliability and punctuality


  • Attachable to GPS tracking systems or electronic ticketing.
  • Visual understanding of fleet performance and its key indicators turning data into valuable information.
  • Identification of lines and dots profitable or not to be able to objectively choose the settings;
  • Objective information and arguments to stimulate the transport authorities to take action in the area with them.
  • Interaction and On-line monitoring.
  • In-house: management analysis of operations