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Web 2.0 is not technology. It is a form of communication and sharing of knowledge. Refers to "individual-focused culture" of today. Not in terms of possession, but in terms of determining yourself what networks you use, what knowledge you gain and what you want to share knowledge.
Bus 2.0 applies these concepts to the world and will generate bus big impact on how customers, entrepreneurs and officials of today live and work. It will be a lifestyle in which work and virtual collaboration, networking and the sharing of knowledge, is possible by the Internet and Web 2.0 (Social Computing) (MSN), wikis, blogs, web forums, RSS feeds, virtual networks (Orkut, Facebook and LinkedIn). It will be the basis for the new generation of customers and employees.

The question is: Is your company ready for the new generation of customers and employees with the new digital spirit?


What is

Bus 2.0 consists of a series of online product that allows customers and employees to be informed when the bus will arrive or customers will embark.This is based on advanced algorithms taking into account the distance, driving style, the expected demand and traffic conditions in real time. Bus 2.0 is highly accurate, and allows customers to be informed through SMS, Internet, or Smartphone.

The first applications for the developed world IFluxo Bus 2.0 are

  • BusApp and BuSMS: application that provides control to the customer because it reduces uncertainty, anxiety and waiting time for the bus.
  • DriverApp
  • DispachApp




Transumo, CEDRIS 

HTM Mobile