Product ETA


Waiting at a bus stop is a source of unease. You do not know when the bus arrives, and this creates great uncertainty. This uncertainty is the number one reason why people do not like public transportation. The result: when given the chance they switch over to car or motorcycle.

The prediction of arrival times is therefore critical to put travelers at their ease. But arrival times vary greatly, seemingly unpredictably. Standard ETA techniques to estimate arrival time based on distance are notoriously inaccurate.

Instead, travel times are dominated by traffic flow conditions. Based on scientifically researched methods IFluxo accurately determines the flow of traffic. Passenger demand also plays a role. IFluxo combines these algorithms with the entry and exit behavior of customers. This makes it possible to predict with high precision, the arrival of buses at stops during the day of based on GPS data, with averages often falling within a margin of 3%.

iFluxo makes these accurate predictions accessible to the passengers. Google maps, Apps, and Web sites streams are interfaces that Ifluxo provides to customers and businesses to monitor ETA data and to be alerted when the bus is coming.